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General Camera Support

NOTE that while Camera Source carries it's own brand of cameras it is a proud reseller of several other manufacturers.  Please check your installation documentation to determine the manufacturer and contact them directly for support should the need arise.  

For most typically installations of Camera Source branded cameras the following support material will apply.  If you do not see an answer that is helpful to your specific situation please feel free to contact us directly so we can address your problem and get you up and running in no time.  For Make/Model specific information please visit the above link that applies to your model vehicle.

Issue: Rearview camera will not power on

Resolution 1: Check to ensure you are getting power to the inside of the chassis harness socket.  Test each pin individually until you find the one that is supplying 3.4 volts, being careful not to bridge the connections on any two or more pins.  The power harness requires 12 volts input but the resistor at the back of the harness reduces voltage to 3.4.  If you have anything other than 3.4v check your ground to ensure that you are making a good connection.  If you are certain you are grounded properly (NOTE: some black wires in our harnesses may have a red stripe that appears from pulling it apart from the red power wire.  Do not confuse the two wires or you will cause permanent damage to the camera.) then contact us for a replacement harness.

Resolution 2: Ensure that the camera connector is seated firmly into the chassis harness socket.  The socket is keyed and often requires a great deal of resistance to ensure a tight connection.  If you ever need to disconnect this harness please do not pull the connection apart by pulling on the wires.  Disconnect by firmly grasping both plastic ends and tugging apart.

Issue:  Parking guidelines are showing up on my screen and I want to disable them.  How do I do this?

Resolution: Simply cut the white wire on the end of the camera harness (if present) while the power is turned off and the parking guidelines will be gone the next time you use the camera.  If your harness is not equipped with a white looped wire then contact us to find out if your camera is pre-programmed with the parking guidelines as it may require a replacement.

If for some reason you clip the wire but the lines still appear try resetting the camera.  This is done by unplugging it at the chassis connector while power is applied, then reconnecting it a minute later.  If this still does not remove the lines then there is a programming error and the camera will need to be replaced.