2014-17 Tacoma Radio Camera Interface Kit

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2014-17 Tacoma Radio Camera Interface Kit is available to buy in increments of 1

This part is for Camera Source customers who purchased the plug and play Tacoma version and found out that they are not prewired.


If you have a 2014+ Tacoma it is best to verify that you have 4 pins in the factory connector behind the rear bumper. ALL TACOMAS HAVE A CAMERA HARNESS INSIDE THE TAILGATE but only 80% or so actually continue those 4 wires all the way to the cab. Find the connector behind the rear bumper, disconnect the tailgate camera harness, and verify 4 pins inside. If you have 4 pins on the chassis side of this connector you are pre-wired for rear camera and do not need this full harness kit. If you only have 1 pin inside that connector then select the full harness option when ordering the kit.


If you purchased our plug and play version without verifying that you were prewired you can buy this kit and then return the plug and play harness that was included in the initial kit for a $30 refund (harness must be clean and unused). If you confirm that you are not prewired before purchasing the kit initially, there is no charge for this harness as it will be included in your kit at the time of purchase.


Included in this full harness kit:

  • 24 pin Tacoma radio interface connector
  • Tacoma reverse trigger wire
  • Full 25 ft chassis harness
  • Detailed instructions
  • Wire connectors and zip ties for securing harness under truck
More Information
System Manufacturer EVI Systems
Connection Plug and Play to Factory Dash Display
Wiring Type Hard Wired
Make Toyota
Model Tacoma
Year 2014,2015,2016,2017,2018
2014+ Tacoma with Display Audio radio that are not prewired for rear camera
Remove the radio from the dash and connect the interface harness to the radio. Connect the power lead, ground, and RCA to the camera chassis harness. Finally install the reverse trigger wire to the radio so the camera mode is activated in reverse... everything is included in the kit. See our video on YouTube on how to remove the radio from the dash.
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