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why ford diesels are so cheap Why are Ford Diesels So Cheap?

Why are Ford Diesels So Cheap?

Ever wondered why Ford Diesels are so affordable, and also hold value so well? We’ve got the answers to those questions and more in this post. We’re not just the experts on Ford backup cameras, we’re the experts on high quality backup cameras that make towing, hauling, and hitching easy, no matter what diesel you drive. We’re also pretty knowledgeable about the ins and outs of most vehicles. Follow along, and let Camera Source show you something from a new perspective!

Cost Breakdown of Diesel Trucks

While a diesel truck usually has a higher upfront cost or MSRP, they’re typically rated as more reliable, and better for work trucks. Their cost also factors in these features that can result in a lower cost of ownership:

1. More Powerful Engines

Diesel engines are made to be more powerful and more efficient than gasoline engines. The nature of their construction and the way fuel and air are compressed within the engine means that you get a better fuel to power ratio, with less energy lost through heat and exhaust. 

2. Fuel Economy

Diesel fuel itself costs more than gasoline on average, but diesel engines, on average, use 30% less total fuel than gasoline engines, which translates to overall savings on fuel economy. 

3. Emissions

Diesel engines have come a long way. While burning diesel fuel does produce more NO2 than gasoline engines, which contributes to some of the causes of acid rain and hazy conditions, overall, diesel engines have 20% fewer CO2 emissions than gasoline engines. Diesel’s fuel efficiency is good for both your wallet and the environment. 

4. Longevity & Depreciation

Diesel engines can last a very long time. On average, according to mechanics, well-maintained diesel engines can last 30 years, and due to this, the trucks depreciate at a much slower rate than other vehicles. 

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How does Ford make diesel trucks so cheap?

There’s probably a combination of reasons for this, but it’s not that Ford necessarily makes vehicles more cheaply than other manufacturers, rather Ford manufactures and sells more diesel-powered pickups than GM and Dodge combined.


In 2019, Ford made up 48% of the diesel market, selling 227,720 diesel vehicles. In the first half of 2020, Ford has sold 109,801 diesel vehicles, compared to other popular brands like Ram which sold 62,151 and Chevy which sold 49,346. 


The current pricing of a Ford diesel is likely due to the availability of them, as well as the low cost of ownership, the need to do fewer, and less expensive repairs, and overall fuel economy. 

Getting a New Diesel vs. a Used One

Whether new or used, Ford diesels are usually more affordable than other diesels. 

New Ford Diesel Prices

If you’re looking to get a new Ford Super Duty, the pricing for a base model runs upward of $34,000. Not exactly inexpensive, but given the low rate of depreciation, you’ll see major dividends down the road.

Used Ford Diesel Prices

Until you start hopping back to 2005-2012, you’ll be seeing Super Duty trucks that sell used for around $20,000. When you start going back to earlier models, like a 2009, you can see prices in the $8-10,000 range. 

Ford Diesel Depreciation

You can expect a Ford Super Duty diesel to deprecate somewhere in the range of 39-45% in the first 5 years. This might seem like a substantial amount when compared to other diesel trucks, but it’s what you can expect from most trucks, with many cars depreciating much faster. You can compare its depreciation with the fastest depreciating trucks for a broader perspective on truck depreciation. Ford trucks’ availability drive down the cost of ownership, and drive up the depreciation rates. 


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