Automotive WIFI Hotspot Router for ATT Network

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Let your passengers ride connected with a 12V WiFi Hotspot in your car or truck!  This 12V hotspot adds the connectivity that will allow your passengers to stream videos, music, and anything internet related while on the go!  When installed, the hotspot will turn on and off with your key and will enable you to connect up to 10 wireless devices at a time.


Our Cellular reception antenna will provide you with the bandwidth needed to have a lightning fast connection to stream your movies, music and more without interruption. No need for bulky modules in inconvenient areas or extra charging cords taking up valuable vehicle charging ports.   In addition, this device can be completely hidden and out of the way, unlike ODBII solutions that are in the way and provide a shotty connection.


System Highlights:

  • Secure network - Creates your own secure private Wi-Fi network
  • No Hacks - does NOT connect to the vehicle ODBII port (on-board diagnostic port) so it doesn't get in the way of the knees 
  • No privacy issues - does not record GPS location, speed or an other driving data
  • Connect up to 10 devices!
  • No Contract - Simply add a data line to your existing AT&T account
  • Built in - installs into vehicle and comes on and off with the key
  • Worry free connectivity - Once the vehicle is turned off the 12 volt hotspot will stop broadcasting 


System requires you to add a data line to your existing contract, which averages about $10 per month on your current bill.  Your plan may vary so please check with your AT&T representative for data plan details.

More Information
Power Supply 12 Volts
Warranty 1 Year
Will work on any 12 volt automobile or truck.
Connect to the vehicle power source and mount the remote antenna inside the vehicle. The installation is simple, fast, and will have you up and running on the network in no time!
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