07-09 Tundra OEM Plug & Play Camera Kit

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This is an OEM Tundra backup camera kit with plug and play harness- it connects directly into your factory connectors*!  Don't spend big money on a camera kit from Toyota when you can have an OEM kit for a fraction the price!  This kit utilizes our ultra clear super CMOS camera and is available in the following handle configurations:

  1. Camera module only - does not come with a handle, allows you to get your own handle but you must get one with rear camera opening
  2. Camera module premounted in OEM Toyota handle.  This option uses a factory Toyota handle and is completely assembled and ready to install
  3. Camera module premounted in aftermarket handle.  This option is the same as above but in an aftermarket Tundra handle with camera opening


We bundle all the above options with a factory rear harness and it is plug and play into your existing wiring, making the installation time less than 15 minutes! 


This kit can ship with an optional front flying lead harness that will make your camera plug and play with an aftermarket navigation receiver or external monitor. The optional harness connects into the factory plug above the overhead console and terminates in a 9' RCA cable with integrated reverse trigger wire. That means you can plug the RCA into an monitor with a video RCA input and the integrated reverse trigger wire will tell your navi or monitor when the truck is in reverse! This kit can also ship with a full length harness in case your Tundra is not prewired for camera from the factory - see our other items for the full wire version.


Base kit includes:

  • Factory Toyota tailgate camera handle, Aftermarket tailgate handle, or camera module assembly only (optional)
  • Camera Source 12 volt Super CMOS night vision camera OE fit camera - Latest camera technology for the ultimate in color, contrast, and clarity!
  • OEM pre-loomed rear harness - plug right into your factory tailgate wiring harness and optional front OEM connector lead with RCA/reverse power trigger lead 
  • Zip ties
  • Detailed installation instructions

Camera Specifications:

  • Super CMOS chip - outstanding color, contrast, and clarity!
  • 170 degree view
  • 600 TV lines of resolution
  • 12 volt rating, (**see 6v note below)
  • <.2 lux minimum illumination - Outstanding night vision!

This kit allows you to see what is directly behind the truck - it will even see the rear bumper and hitch! Save $$$hundreds$$$ over a factory kit and get a better quality camera!


No monitor or mirror is included in this kit.  This kit comes with a 3 year limited warranty and is guaranteed to fit like it came from the factory or your money back.


*Truck must be prewired to use factory connectors.  See compatibility tab for more details.

**Trucks that came from the factory with a rear camera require a 6 volt replacement.  Do not use this camera with a factory Toyota installed navigation unit or rear view mirror because those peripherals output 6v to the rear camera which is not going to power this system.  See our other items for CS-07TUNOEM-M or CS-10TUNOEM-M for a 6 volt replacement camera.

More Information
Video System NTSC
Vehicle Interface Not Included
Waterproof/Dustproof Level IP 67
Night Vision < .2 Lux
Power Supply 12 Volts
System Manufacturer EVI Systems
Camera Resolution 600 TVL
Parking Guidelines Selectable on/off
Camera Orientation Rear Facing
Fit Type Factory OE Fit Replacement
Connection Factory Connector
Sensor Type Super CMOS
Viewing Angle 170 Degrees
Warranty 3 Year
Camera Type Rear Camera
Vehicle Category Truck
Number of Cameras 1
Reason for Shopping Adding the camera(s)
Wiring Type Factory Plug&Play
Camera Mount Location Factory Tailgate
For a monitor it uses Your aftermarket display (RCA)
Make Toyota
Model Tundra
Year 2007,2008,2009

2007-2009 Tundra - Select your desired handle configuration from the box above when ordering.


Flying lead configurable option:  The front harness is critical in providing the rear camera connector with the appropriate power and ties the video source to your desired monitor.  If you choose to use your own harness by not Selecting the flying lead be sure that your front harness is configured to send 12 volts to the camera connector at the rear of the truck.  Contact us for details.


If you purchase just the camera module you will install our camera module into your camera-ready handle using the included bolts, route the harness through the bottom of tailgate and plug in on the frame rail.  This will only bolt into a factory or aftermarket handle with the OEM camera opening.  You can not drill a hole and make this system work.


If you purchase in a handle simply replace your existing tailgate handle with this handle containing the integrated backup camera. Two 10mm bolts hold your handle in place, swap the lock, fish the camera wire through the tailgate, plug in to your chassis, and reassemble. The entire camera installation process can take less than 20 minutes. Monitor installation time may take additional time if applicable.


The optional flying lead harness connects to the blank connector in the overhead panel and converts the factory plug to an RCA connector with 9' extension. The harness also is configurable to allow the camera to turn on in reverse only, or if your monitor is capable you can set it to be on all the time. An integrated reverse trigger wire saves time in locating a reverse power source for your aftermarket navigation or external monitor!


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